Overnight Camping Trips     

Spend a full 27 hours in the great outdoors!  Girls will learn about the planned adventure activity, how to set up camp using a minimalistic approach utilizing leave no trace principles in a team oriented environment, how to prepare healthy camp meals, and spend time making meaningful connections with other members of the group.  We will also practice mindfulness, confidence boosters, and self-awareness and self-compassion exercises.



Sample Schedule


  • 8:45am-9am Meet at 4-Way bus stop in Crested Butte

  • 9am-9:20am Group Expectations, Name Game & Depart for Camp Destination

  • 9:20-11am Travel to Destination, Snack, Unload Gear, Safety & Leave No Trace Discussion

  • 11am - 12:30pm Campsite Setup

  • 12:30-1pm Lunch

  • 1pm-4pm Planned group activity (Hiking or Stand-Up Paddleboarding) & Snack

  • 4pm-5pm Group Activity (Journaling or Art Activity)

  • 5pm-7pm Dinner Preparation, Eat Dinner, Clean up Dinner (All girls will participate in prep & cleanup)

  • 7pm-8:30pm Campfire (if fire restrictions allow) & S’mores! Group Discussion about the Day

  • 8:30pm-10pm Quiet Time, Personal Hygiene & Prepare for Bed

  • 10pm Lights Out, Silent Sleeping Time


  • 7am-8am Wake Up, Personal Hygiene, Start to Pack Personal Belongings

  • 8am-9am Breakfast (Adult Leaders prepare breakfast, Campers begin to clean camp)

  • 9am-10am Finish packing up camp

  • 10am-10:30am Group Discussion: What was awesome? What was hard/not so awesome?

  • 10:30am-11:30am Short Hike or Group Activity

  • 11:30am-12pm Snack & Drive Back to Crested Butte 4-Way Stop

  • 12pm-12:15pm Child Pickup from 4-Way Stop in Crested Butte & Debrief with Parents