Overnight Camping     

Spend a full 24 hours in the great outdoors!  Girls will learn about the planned adventure activity, how to set up camp using a minimalistic approach utilizing leave no trace principles in a team oriented environment, how to prepare healthy camp meals, and spend time making meaningful connections with other members of the group.  We will also practice mindfulness, confidence boosters, and self-awareness and self-compassion exercises.

If you are signing your daughter(s) up through this page, please click the button below to fill out one registration form per child before signing up and paying for programming.

July 14th-15th SUP Camp at Blue Mesa 

Join the Good Life Girls at Blue Mesa National Reserve to play on stand up paddle-boards and have a relaxing day at the beach to make new friends!  We’ll go over water safety, leave no trace principles, and mindfulness through empathy.  Through paddle-boarding, we’ll watch ourselves and each other get silly and learn to laugh and learn from our mistakes. We’ll also do some journaling, make an art project, and have snacks and lunch in between. Join us for some fun in the sun and make new friends!