Our Story

Good Life Girls is here to inspire all girls to live the good life. We believe the good life is being true to oneself, being confident in who you are, and being positive about yourself and others. Good Life Girls wants to help all girls gain the confidence in themselves to be able to fully follow all of their wildest dreams.  

Good Life Girls is the heart and soul of McKinley Lenker and Anna-Marie Davidson. They met in the winter of 2017 in Crested Butte, Colorado through Ski School, but really got to know each other during the summer of 2018 while bike coaching together in Crested Butte. They would talk about their lives, their hopes, their dreams, but also their struggles. They both had visions and dreams for helping people, in particular girls. They have combined their 11+ years of working with youth in the outdoors to create Good Life Girls. They are very proud and excited to be introducing this program to this beautiful valley they call home, Crested Butte, Colorado. Good Life Girls sole mission is to inspire all girls to live the good life.

Thank you for CHOOSING the good life with Good Life Girls 

Good Life Girls participated in a business accelerator program through the ICELAB in Gunninson, Colorado in the Spring of 2019! This is our pitch, our story of why we started Good Life Girls, what we do, and where we want to go! Please enjoy our story!